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Healthier lifestyles and better medical care have given many people the prospect of living longer. But that extra time brings with it a number of financial implications.

Often people at this stage of life are juggling multiple conflicting concerns; maintaining their lifestyle, planning for unknown future care costs and passing assets to the next generation. Inheritance Tax (IHT) may also be a concern. These are complex issues that benefit from an experienced adviser and a financial plan.

Like all forms of tax planning, IHT mitigation strategies that have been put in place in the past or that may work in the present are vulnerable to continual legislative change and a regular review of this area of planning is essential to avoid the pitfalls.

The subject of Long-Term Care needs can be difficult and often complex. What would happen if you need care in the future? What if you need specialist care?

Wills*, trusts and powers of attorney need regular review and we can offer services in these areas or work with your existing professional advisers to ensure a joined-up plan.

*The writing of a Will or Powers of Attorney involves the referral to a service that is separate and distinct from those offered by St. James's Place. Wills and Powers of Attorney are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Agency.



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“I recently moved from permanent employment to running my own business so had a lot of questions that Andrew helped me with ease throughout my transition. Andrew was available at any time of day to answer my questions - no matter how big or small! He really put my mind at ease and explained complex scenarios in an easy-to-digest way making my decisions significantly easier.”

Client Review - Kevin Duncan, Renfrewshire
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